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We are your IT department with all devices and solutions.

​Is your business struggling with finding technology solutions to fit its needs? Do you believe you are losing money due to a lack of technological efficiency?


We are "A Virtual Chief Technology Officer", in other words, "an outsourced, off-site IT manager", solves these issues and more for your organization.

Generally speaking, the overall objective of a Virtual CTO is to advise and guide an organization by providing the best technology solutions to maximize efficiency. For example, a Virtual CTO aims to align an organization’s IT strategy with its overall objectives.

While we are becoming your Virtual CTO and also with our senior engineers, we become your IT team as well. By investing us as a team, we bring all devices, solutions, and systems with us such as Managed Next Generation Network Firewall, Network Devices, Wi-Fi devices, Log management and analysis, AI-based Anti-Virus Solutions, IP Telephony Systems, Back-up Systems, Cloud-Based Services, VPN systems, 24/7 monitoring systems and more. So your organization doesn't need to invest in an IT Team and IT solutions separately. We provide all in one of our IT solutions with our IT Team. No hidden costs, no spike on your costs. Every time, your costs are predictable. And, you pay as you grow and you just invest your computers and servers which are being used by your employees and yourself. If any device or solutions need an upgrade in the future, you don't need to invest, but we invest in the new devices, so your organization just keeps paying per user regular service fee. All affordable and all predictable solutions for your IT needs. 

The most important thing is that we establish all your IT systems by following all security steps. We monitor and analyze all devices logs on our SIEM solutions and we interactively get precautions to suspicious activities in your IT infrastructure. 

We work as your IT Team to protect and to keep running your IT infrastructure. We keep investing your systems to meet your business demands in time. Because IT systems are always changing and we have to keep your systems up-to-date all the time. As a business owner, you don't need to worry about these developments that we will handle all, you just need to focus on your own business to acquire more clients and to have more profit. 



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