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Desk Computer Screens

Your organization is growing, and you need to install all applications your organization uses to each computer in the organization. You have to keep your data in your organization while you install and distribute your applications to each employee's computer. But it isn't easy to maintain and keep secure in this way. But we have the solution for you. 

We can install all the applications to your existing server or a new server. We can virtualize them so every employee can access these applications over the VPN connection on the server without installing each of them to their computers. In addition, they can access these applications from any device anywhere, such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices. 

In this way, your keep your data in your organization, you keep your applications in your organizations, you assign the necessary applications to each user not all applications. And you maintain updates and upgrades from one place which is the server. You don't need to maintain each application on each device. 


  • Concurrent User-Base License

  • Affordable Price

  • No Expensive Support Cost

  • Access from any device anywhere

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