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Keep your IT up and running all the time

IT services are a cost item for organizations because the technology is always changing and you need to invest all the time to keep your systems up-to-date and actual. It is annoying and it is money and time consuming for the organizations.

But, We, as Silvercloud Security, we do all of them for you, we keep your devices and IT updated and actual with our solutions and you pay flat-rate fee all time per user or per computer.

Our approach will help you to save money on your IT investments while your IT runs smoothly every time for you.

Wired and Wireless Network Security and Support

Your computers, tablets, phones, servers are exchanging data over your wired and wireless network. And how are you sure your wired and wireless network are secure, segmented perfectly, encrypted properly? Are you monitoring your network 24/7? Do you have visibility on your network to monitor who access what resources? How about your remote accesses and VPN accesses? How are you sure all being monitored perfectly? All are frustrating for a business owner, but we help you to have these features on your wired and wireless networks in an affordable way. We assure that you will have more visibility and more security on your IT network.

End-User Security and Support

IT Helpdesk

Videogame on Screen

Your organization is processing the data on your laptops, desktops, smart devices via applications. And the end-users are the most weak point of the organizations in terms of data security. You have to protect your end-users devices and the application on the devices via AI-based Anti-Virus, Malware protection, backup tools, and the other end-user protection tools. We investigate and find-out the best solutions for your end-users. In addition, we provide them help desk services so your end-users get help 24/7 from our technicians. Your end-user never loses time to fix an issue themselves.

Server Support

Server Installation

The organizations keep their data on the cloud or on their servers. If you keep your data on the servers then you need an IT team to keep them up-to-date secure and working. You may use your server for User ID management, file server, print server, file sharing, and more. Your server needs to be maintained and monitored 24/7 against hardware issues, software issues, and cyber attacks. We provide all of the services and software to protect your servers. And we design all your topology according to your need again to make more effective and productive than the current design. 

Data-Backup & Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Data Cloud

Ten percent of small businesses hit with a cyberattack in 2019 were forced to shut down, as a result, researchers found in a new survey focused on the consequences of cybercrime for small and midsize businesses. To compile the report, commissioned by the National Cyber Security Alliance and conducted by Zogby Analytics, analysts polled 1,006 small business decision-makers on cybersecurity topics. They learned 88% consider themselves a "somewhat likely" target for attacks, including 46% who believe they are a "very likely" target. Nearly two-thirds (62%) say security is a top priority. But online and offline data-backup is always your savior. We provide you both online and offline data backup and restore services with retention policies for all your servers and computers that your organization goes back to business quickly after any catastrophic failure.  

Cybersecurity Support

Computer Programming

We have to admit that hackers are always one step ahead of us. That is why we help your organization to have several plans against cyberattacks. First of all, we take all precautions such as patching your devices and applications on-time, monitoring all activities on your IT infrastructure,  installing all virus and malware protection on your devices, backing up all your data to several locations. We do security assessments regularly on your network and computers to identify the known vulnerabilities to able to eliminate the risk to be hit by a cyberattack. Even if you have in-house or outsourced IT services, we suggest you have our monitoring and analysis tool in your IT infrastructure so your organization may have visibility in their infrastructure to get activated in a short time of period against the suspicious activities. 

IP Telephony & Cloud PBX

Desk Telephone

As a small and medium business owner you need to be reached every time. That, your voice operator shouldn't be prevent you from being reached by your clients. We provide you an advanced voice solutions for your organization with rich features. 

  • Auto Attend

  • Voicemail with transactions per user and per group

  • Hunt Group

  • IVR system

  • IP Phone per user who has the voice service

  • Caller ID

  • Internal Extensions

  • Internet Fax

  • Mobile and Desktop Applications

We provide voice service for homes as well. Call us to have voice service for your home : 949 5372019

Cloud Services & Computing Support

Surreal World

All your application running on the Internet are cloud services. There are a lot of examples such as Quickbooks Online; Office 365; online CRM and ERP applications, file sharing and collaboration applications, and more. While you are having these services, you have to configure access settings of these services properly that no one should access them except you and your employees. We help you to select the right one for your organization and help you to configure not to have any security issues on your cloud services.

If you need cloud servers and micro-services, we study and work on these projects to provide you the servers you need on the cloud. And we monitor and configure for you to be accessed securely them. 

E-Mail Services & Security

Globalization concept

We know that all your business is mainly flowing on your emails. And your organization must be sure about your emails shouldn't be accessed by the others. In addition; your inbox must be unlimited to keep your all emails, your email system must have spam and phishing protection, you should able to send encrypted emails to your business partners and customers, you should have email archiving for your entire organizations to keep all your employees' emails even if the employee leaves from the organization and more. We know that you have no tolerance by losing one of the emails related to your business. We know that using public email services such as @gmail, @outlook are not professional for your organization. We can help you to have a professional email service with all features we mentioned above. 

The Internet Selection 

Fibre Optics

Is your network slow? You checked your wired and wireless network and didn't find any issue. High probably you have not an Internet connection calculated accurately for your organization's needs.

We have an agreement with all the service providers that we search for you for the best Internet services in your area. We do this service free of charge.

After we find the service which will address your needs then we help you to have that service at your offices by doing all paperwork and technical works for you. 

Then, you are having the Internet. You are just paying the service providers' one-time fee(if applicable) and monthly fee directly to them.

Call us to have this service from us : 

949 5372019

if you need the Internet service for your home we provide the same service for houses as well.

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